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HecTech’s founder, Wesley St. Louis, is an experienced engineer who spent a decade managing technology projects in corporate IT departments, before running his own managed services firm. After years of serving small businesses, he saw that these organizations had vastly different technology needs compared to larger enterprises. Most available services on the market were clearly designed for big companies and a poor fit for small businesses, being too expensive, complicated and inflexible.

Wesley noticed that the technology needs of small businesses fluctuate over time, but when they need support, they can’t afford to spend hours on the phone troubleshooting with service providers or waiting in shop lines to speak with technicians. At the same time, being a network engineer himself, he saw that many of his fellow engineers dreamed of becoming micro-entrepreneurs and working for themselves, but couldn’t afford the risk and overheads. Thus the birth of HecTech.

At HecTech, we believe we’ve cracked the code with our platform which connects small businesses with high-quality technical engineers when they need them, on demand. No professional should have to compromise on the quality of their technology services, and now they don’t have to.

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