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WikiLeaks Will Help Tech Firms Defend Against CIA Hacking

CIA lashes out against WikiLeaks, saying founder Julian Assange is ‘not exactly a bastion of truth and integrity’   WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange pledged to share with technology companies technical details of the purported Central Intelligence Agency hacking tools his organization revealed this week. Read More: https://www.wsj.com/articles/wikileaks-assange-says-group-will-help-tech-firms-defend-against-cia-hacking-1489074870  
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Maniac Killers of the Bangalore IT Department

Why is India obsessed with crimes committed by software engineers?   Prachi Das was murdered on a Monday. The killer, a friend of her husband’s named Basudev Jena, showed up at her apartment in Bangalore on March 2, 2015, in hopes she would help him with his debts. Jena hadn’t meant to hurt Das, he…
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America’s Digital Lifeline Is On Life Support

The FCC’s decision to block nine companies from providing affordable internet to the poor doesn’t bode well for the future of the program.   Tom Esselman is on the front lines of the quest to bridge the digital divide in America, the widening chasm between those who enjoy all the advantages of the internet and…
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